Vail Holiday Event Guide for December 2022 and January 2023

Dana Gumber  |  December 5, 2022

Vail Holiday Event Guide for December 2022 and January 2023

Have you recently purchased a luxury home in Vail, CO? Are you considering investing in Vail, CO, real estate and wondering what exciting events are coming up this holiday season? Many fantastic holiday events are planned in this exciting city that will delight every family member. Read on to find out more about the spectacular seasonal events scheduled for December 2022 and January 2023!

1.Vail Village Tree Lighting

Start your holiday season by witnessing the famous Vail Village Holiday Tree Lighting! Every year at the beginning of December, you can head over to the picturesque Slifer Square, which is adjacent to the historical Covered Bridge. Whether you wish to spend the evening with your family or go on a date night with your partner, this is the perfect time to stroll along the streets and enjoy a hot mug of hot chocolate as you watch everything from the historical buildings to the Covered Bridge get fully lit up. Once they are illuminated, you will be enthralled by the sights of the magical holiday lights set against the gorgeous mountain scenery that Vais is so well-known for. Plus, your kids will enjoy the live caroling and guest appearances by Santa Claus. This is one of the most anticipated ways for locals and tourists to greet the upcoming holiday season!

2. Kris Kringle Market

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If you want to get into the holiday spirit, don’t miss the famous Kris Kringle Market! From December 8-11, you can find the Kris Kringle Market on the International Bridge off of Willow Bridge Road, where vendors and locals gather for a truly magical celebration. You can stroll down the street and visit dozens of vendors selling a variety of handcrafted or locally produced artifacts, from jewelry to books, to find the perfect gift for that special someone. There are also many bakery goods and sweets available that you can snack on while shopping at this exclusive holiday market. While getting your holiday shopping done, enjoy the ambiance of the live guitar entertainment and be enthralled by the magnificent display of colorfully lit holiday trees. This is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season with vibrant lights, decor, and live entertainment!

3. Silent Disco

If you’re looking for something more fun and eclectic, then head over to the Silent Disco! Whether in Lionshead or Vail Village, you can head to the closest Silent Disco and rock out to some electrifying music. It is the perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous Vail winter scenery while dancing to the beat. The best part is that the party does not stop even after noise ordinances, thanks to the silent disco headphones that ensure everyone has a customizable and unique music experience.

4. Astronomy Nights

Whether you are an astronomy enthusiast or wish to enjoy the brilliant and expansive Colorado night sky, you might want to check out the annual Astronomy Nights. Hosted in Lionshead and Vail Villages from 6 to 8 PM on December 23 and December 30, you can view the starlit sky under the guidance of a professional astronomer to experience spectacular views of the Crescent moon, Jupiter, and the Ring Nebula.

5. Vail Skating Festival Ice Spectacular

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On December 23rd, you can attend an exciting and unforgettable skating event at the Dobson Ice Area. The Vail Skating Festival Ice Spectacular event is your chance to see a performance by famous ice skater Nathan Chen, who won the Olympics in 2022. You will also spot four other Olympians and other ice skating professionals at this delightful ice skating festival. This premiere event will enthrall every family member with spectacular displays of figure skating and holiday music. Whether you seek a date night with your spouse or a fun family evening, this must-see event will delight everyone!

6. Ski Down Torchlight Parade and Fireworks

Saying goodbye to the year and welcoming in the new is a huge event for many – and Vail is no different. From New Year's Eve parties to local traditions, there are many things you can do to ring in the New Year. The most spectacular event is the annual Torchlight Parade, a popular Vail tradition. During this incredible event, skiers and snowboarders fly down the slopes of Golden Peak in succession, each of them holding a glow stick that creates a cohesive and vibrant stream of light down the stunning mountain. Afterward, an incredible fireworks display is sure to awe everyone from the youngest to the oldest family members. The Ski Down Torchlight Parade and Fireworks is a Vail, CO, tradition that locals and tourists look forward to every year!

7. 16th Annual Vail Winterfest

Even after celebrating New Year's Eve, your celebration of the new year does not have to end! The 16th Annual Vail Winterfest is planned for January 2023. As a month-long festival, you can expect a variety of lights, paper lanterns, and ice sculptures around the picturesque Gore Creek Promenade, with plenty of works of art to explore. You can stroll along the promenade with your significant other while enjoying a warm beverage and the gorgeous ice sculptures surrounding and astounding you. Plus, there are family-friendly movies hosted for a few days during this exciting celebration. Vail, CO, is an attractive and scenic city, and the 16th Annual Vail Winterfest helps locals appreciate just how beautiful of a place it is!

From spectacular holiday celebrations to stunning ski spots and magnificent hiking trails, Vail has so much to offer those who cherish an active, adventurous lifestyle. If you are intrigued by this incredible city, reach out to the experts at Vail Luxe Group when you’re ready to start touring Vail luxury homes for sale. This top-tier team will provide the guidance you can count on, from knowledge of the competitive Colorado real estate market to localized neighborhood insights. They can help you find the perfect luxury home in Vail, CO, that aligns with all your must-haves!

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